Media Coverage

| January 10, 2014

ZipLine’s non-invasive, advanced wound closure technology and company genesis featured in tech site Xconomy article by Bernadette Tansey

| January 9, 2014

ZipLine Clinical Study at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in NYC featured in Healthline online medical news site- suture-like outcomes, significant reduction in procedure time, additional clinic and patient advantages.

| April 5, 2012

MEDICAL DEVICE DAILY | In the second of a two-part interview with Amir Belson, M.D., Dr. Belson answers questions about start-up financing and the regulatory environment, and offers advice to budding entrepreneurs.

| April 2, 2012

MEDICAL DEVICE DAILY | In the April 2, 2012 article by Ronald Trahan, Medical Device Daily Contributing Writer, ZipLine Medical, Inc. is used as an example, through interviews with John Tighe, ZipLine Medical President and CEO, and Amir Belson, MD, ZipLine Medical founder, of how Venture Debt Financing offers a strategic funding option with respect to product development and market launch.

| March 29, 2012

MEDICAL DEVICE DAILY | In the first of a two-part interview with Amir Belson, M.D., the prolific medical device entrepreneur is asked about his personal set of guidelines when starting a company in the medtech sector, including maintaining the proper amount of focus on each enterprise, common threads amongst his eight current companies, key attributes of ZipLine, his most recent start-up, and cautionary advice for those interested in pursuing an idea in this market.

| March 26, 2012

START-UP | ZipLine Medical, Inc. was featured in the article “Surgical Incision Closure: Start-Ups Address A Megatrend In Health Care” along with a corporate profile “ZipLine Medical Inc.- A suture-like outcome at the speed of staples” in the March 2012 issue of START-UP magazine.