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Zip® Surgical Skin Closure

Fast, non-invasive alternative to staples, sutures and glue

The Zip® is unique solution to the speed vs. cosmetic outcome tradeoff made by surgeons today with conventional staples and sutures.  The adjustable, reversible device makes skin closure a fast and easy process, and the flexible, extendible design flexes with patient movement for patient comfort while protecting the incision from extrinsic forces caused by patient movement.

The Zip® provides secure skin layer closure for surgical incisions of any length.  The device is available in several lengths, and each device may be cut with scissors for shorter incisions, or combined for longer incisions.  The Zip® is applied at the skin layer after deeper, tension-reducing suture layers are applied.

The Zip® incorporates a force distribution structure that is designed to distribute closure forces uniformly along the incision to minimize high localized forces that can occur with other closure methods.  In addition, the force distribution structure creates an Isolation Zone around the incision that is designed to act like a cage or scaffold to protect the incision from extrinsic forces caused by patient movement.

The unique segmented Dynamic Compression feature enables the Zip® to lengthen along with an incision during joint articulation or body movement while protecting the incision from distraction forces perpendicular to the incision.  The serpentine structure is designed to provide slight compression to the incision to counteract increased distraction forces during joint flexion.

The materials used in the Zip® device do not contain latex.

The Zip® has been applied to surgical incisions in several different specialties and body locations, including but not limited to: joint arthroplasty of the hip (THA), knee (TKA) and shoulder (TSA), trauma, spine, CIED (pacemaker/ICD) implant, skin excision, sternotomy and laceration closure.


Multiple devices may be combined for longer incisions (such as scoliosis) and the device may be trimmed for shorter incisions.  The device is typically worn for 7 to 14 days, and is removed by gently peeling from the skin.

Available Products:

  • Zip® 4     Surgical Skin Closure-  Cat. No. PS2040   for incisions up to 4cm long
  • Zip® 8i   Surgical Skin Closure-  Cat. No. PS2080   for incisions up to 8cm long
  • Zip® 16   Surgical Skin Closure-  Cat. No. PS1160   for incisions up to 16cm long
  • Zip® 24   Surgical Skin Closure-  Cat. N0. PS1240   for incisions up to 24cm long
  • Zip® DS  Dressing Shield-  Cat. No. PS1241  facilitates compatibility with certain island dressings

Note: not all lengths may be available in some countries.  Check with you local distributor for availability.

Regulatory Status:

  • USA: FDA Class I, 510(k) Exempt device
  • Europe: CE Mark


  • Rapid, easy to use wound closure modality; potential time savings for surgeon, staff and procedure room1
  • Cosmetic outcome of suture closure2; eliminates track marks from staple
  • Reduced Needle Stick Injury risk: $596 average treatment cost for staff needle stick injury3
  • Easy to apply, device application may be delegated to PA or nurse
  • May eliminate staple removal visit
  • Easy to remove by peeling from skin; at surgeon’s discretion, patient may remove at home
  • Comfortable, flexible device conforms to body
  • Isolation Zone- designed to protect incision from patient-induced stress



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