“I would say that overall, the number one thing patients notice is the aesthetic quality of how the wound heals. I think that’s what the patients notice first, and that’s number one in their mind.”

Terry Arrington, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, Augusta, GA


Zip® Surgical Skin Closure is the world’s first adjustable, reversible and non-invasive skin closure device for surgery and lacerations. The patented force distribution and dynamic compression features provide wound protection even during joint flexion.


Clinical studies have proven the Zip offers better scarring, greater efficiencies and cost savingswhen compared to other skin closure methods. It has also been shown to result in better cosmetic outcomes and less patient pain removal than staples or sutures.2,3,4


The benefits of the Zip have been demonstrated in orthopedic total-joint arthroplasty, foot and ankle surgery, trauma, spine, cardiothoracic surgery, electrophysiology, emergency medicine, and dermatology.


ZipStitch is a simple, secure way for a consumer to close minor cuts and minor lacerations at home without stitches, when a bandage isn’t enough. ZipStitch is based on the same technology proven in over 500,000 surgical cases.

ZipLine Medical delivers innovative technology that improves the practice
of medicine and enhances the patient recovery experience.

Hear what patients say about the Zip

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